Our First Lessons of 2019


The week, we had our first lesson of the year! We are so happy to have opened our first ‘Starters’ program for children aged 4-6. It was so much FUN 😊. The starters program is one of our newest and most exciting programs that teaches children about upcycling. A very important and interesting topic that talks about the environment and what we can do to help protect it.

Following our starters program, we welcomed back some of our children from last year, as well as some brand-new faces to our new ‘Robotics’ course. I was great to see everyone back from their Christmas vacation and ready for a new and exciting journey through the world of robotics.


Our ‘starters’ began the lesson by playing some ‘get to know you’ games. We made some funny introductions and played some interactive games.

Following our warm up games, we began learning about our new topic, upcycling. The children looked around for all different kinds of disposable items in the room, including paper cups, straws, pop sticks, etc… When they were asked if we should put these items in the bin, they immediately responded, “no”. When asked, what could we do with it then, then responded, “let’s build something, let’s build a robot”. Of course, we had to build some robots! Once completed, we came up with some more ideas about how we could use our materials (with a little help from the teacher 😊). The class decided to create flying buckets! Together, they used some paper cups, pop sticks, blocks, and coloured paper to create a flying fox. The children had loads of fun flying their buckets down the corridor. They even decided to try and have races with their buckets, thinking about how they could make their bucket move faster than the others. It was an AMAZING adventure that the children absolutely enjoyed!

For the older children, we began our first lesson of our super robotics course. As the children walked in, it was easy to see the excitement and passion for our new topic. We even had children investigating robots over the holidays so they could be extra prepared for this week’s lesson.

To begin with, we played a few team building games, so all the children could get to know each other a little better. When we returned back to our classroom, we immediately began our topic. The first thing to do was to find out what a robot is. We had a great discussion and some wonderful responses using words such as, machine, battery, movement, etc… Well, after we spent some time investigating different kinds of robots, the children were asked to design their very own robot by drawing it in their workbooks. It could have been anything they could imagine. However, each robot had to have a purpose. The children wrote these down, and shared it with the class.

Following this, we began to look at the robots we would be using over the next 8 weeks. The children looked at all the different materials they would be using, including each part of the robot and the apps required for the building process. They learned about the construction process through step-by-step instructions that included detailed visual aids.

Now that each group has chosen their robot design and looked through all the materials, they are eagerly looking forward to next week, when they will begin the construction process, and start working through the steps to complete their robots.


Robot, machine, mechanical, detail, instructions, materials, movement, electric, wheels, design.


This week the all the students began with some fun ‘ice breakers’, to get to know the other students in their class. We played some name games that encouraged students to begin using each other’s name. Following this, we played our classic game of ‘Corners’, many of the children had played this game before, so we used this opportunity to encourage them to explain the rules and expectations to the class. As a final team building activity, the children worked together in groups to try and keep the balloons in the air for as long as possible. Each group had to share the balloons around to all their teammates. It was great fun, and most of all, inclusive for all the children.

We still have a small number of places available for our 4-6, Starters program on Wednesdays, 15.30 – 16.30. If you are interested, please be sure to contact Matt on 346 073 3049, or email at info@english4life.it