Lights Out!


This week, we continued our investigation on static electricity. We revised what we learned about last week and discussed what we found out from our experiments.



During our lesson, we dug deeper into the electrical world around us. We investigated static electricity using pvc tubes. To begin with, we discussed how static electricity is formed and what we needed to charge our tubes. There were some great suggestions to rub the tubes on our hair, or clothes. Another great suggestion came when the students noticed the cut-up pieces of material that we had on the shelf, ah-ha! Together, we tried to rub the material over each of the tubes to see if it would create a static charge. Using our pvc pipes, we then experimented by picking up various materials while continuing to hold the pipes with the cloth. The children could see that the statically charged pipe was moving the various materials.

Following this, we experimented with other objects. We wanted to see what else we could move using our electrically charged pipes. The children found an old tin can. Once they had charged their pipes, they make the can roll in different directions, back and forth. It was a great experiment that clearly showed how static electricity can affect other materials.

When we had finished testing our theories, we came back to the mat and shared our results. It was really interesting to hear the different results that the students had during their activity.



As usual, we all finished up with some great active games to get our blood pumping again. Kate took the children out for a game of traffic lights. The kids had so much fun running around and pretending to be cars on the road. After playing this game for some time. The children all finished the session off with a quick game of ‘Simon Says’. The kids were all far too clever to be caught out of this game.

Another great lesson at English 4 Life! We hope to see you all again next week when we start creating our very own electrical circuits 😊