Go with the FLOW


Today, the students were asked to investigate electrical conductors and insulators. Together, the students conducted a number of thoughtful experiments that allowed them to identify various conductive materials.



Conductors and Insulators

The class began by engaging in a thoughtful discussion about electricity. The students revised what they had been learning about over the past several weeks. They were able to identify that electricity moved from a power source (battery) to a resister (light globe). Together, we spoke about electrical flow, and described how we thought the flow of electricity passed through from the battery to the light. The children thought that the electricity passed through the copper wires to the light. Well, obviously we needed to test this theory. Using a number of different materials, the students, along with the teachers, conducted a number of experiments to identify which materials allowed electricity to pass through (conductors), and which did not (insulators). It was great to see which materials worked, and which did not.

Some of the groups finished early, and decided to look around the room to see if they could find any other conductors. Unbelievably, they found many more, including items such as, door handles, chair legs, nuts, bolts, and more…


English Vocabulary

Conductors, insulators, metal, wire, copper, plastic, paper, card, flow



This week, Kate took the kids for some fun ‘moving’ games. They started the lesson off learning about a new game called ‘Buzz’. This game taught the students about spatial awareness and fundamental movement types, including running, walking, skipping, hoping and jumping. They were asked to move around the room, avoiding the person that was ’it’. If tagged, the children needed to stand still with their arms out wide, and wait for a ‘rescuer’ to run under their arms and set the FREE 😊


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