Electrons on the Move


This week the children began investigating and comparing two different types of electricity, static and current. Together, we looked at how current electricity is used to turn lights on or off. They each came up with different ideas about how they thought electricity moved from the light switch to the light.



Creating Circuits

As a whole group, the children investigated electrical current by acting out a live circuit. They each held hands (wires), and chose a person to be the battery. From here we introduced the resister (light), and were able to see that when all the students were holding hands (closed circuit) the light would illuminate, and when there was a break in the wire (some students not holding hands), the light would not work. It was really exciting to see the students trying to come up with different ways to illuminate the light (touching fingers, feet, elbows, etc…

Next, the children created their very own electric circuits using batteries, wires, and coloured light globes. In pairs, they were able to investigate many different ways to make the light function. We tried adding more batteries, longer wires, additional globes, and more… It was also interesting to see what didn’t work, for example, when the wires weren’t connected properly, or not enough electricity was provided. They students tried a number of different ways to create circuits and recorded what they found.


Today’s focus vocabulary –

Circuit, globe, light, wires, current, energy, connection, battery, flow, illuminate.



To begin with, the students played a quick game of ‘what’s the time Mr. Wolf’. They absolutely loved the idea of trying to catch the wolf before DINNER TIME! Then, to finish off our week’s activities, the students played their favourite, ‘Simon Says’. All the children had a chance to control the class with Simon’s commands.


Check us out next week as we start introducing new resisters (switches, motors, fans, etc…) into our circuits.