Circuits: One Path for Electricity


Have you ever wondered how circuits work? Well, this week the children investigated different types of circuits and how each of them works differently. Together, they experimented with different types of batteries, as well as a variety of resisters and switches.



Today, students worked in small groups to investigate simple and parallel circuits. To begin with, all the students stood around in a circle (pretending to be a simple circuit). The students were acting as the wires. At each end, we had a battery and light. The children were able to see that when they all held hands (closed circuit) and touched each side of the resistor (light), it would illuminate. However, when the students let go of each other’s hand, the circuit would not function properly. This was because the circuit was now open. The process was similar to that of a switch.


From this activity, children were able to identify the function of a switch in a simple circuit. In pairs, students worked to create an electrical circuit that consisted of a battery, wires, light globe and a switch. They learned so much from this, not to mention and noise that came with it. After, we decided to replace the light with a different type of resistor, a miniature motor. The children used this motor to create an electric powered fan. They were able to di this by cutting circles from cardboard and forming the fan blades, simply by folding the edges. What a ‘cool’ and ‘refreshing’ exercise 😊



Fan, motor, switch, parallel, energy source, cardboard, cut, blades, closed and open.



Today, the students played one of their favourites, Simon Says. During this game, students are chosen to be ‘Simon’. When the child states, ”Simon says, touch your toes”, everybody must touch their toes. However, if the leader does not say ‘Simon says’, then children must not follow the instructions.

To finish off, students enjoys another one of their favourites, ‘Corners’. This game is always an exciting icebreaker for new students, and gives them all an opportunity to run around (super quietly of course).


Join us next week for our electrical Christmas decorations!!