Christmas Family Fun Night


This week was our final lesson of the year. As this was a special occasion, the Englsih 4 Life team decided to arrange a ‘Family Fun Night’ for all the parents to come and celebrate the festive season with their children. The parents and children were unaware of the challenges they were soon to face. However, it seemed only fair that the Mum’s and Dad’s were given a fighting chance to complete the activities. So, throughout the previous week, parents were sent hints about the activities that would be arranged for the day.


Families were asked to work together with their children to read through and follow a series of instructions that would help them to complete their challenge. Firstly, the teachers explained the activity to the children and provided them with a list of step by step instructions. Then, the children had to repeat these instructions carefully to their families in order to begin the task.

The first task was to create a working circuit board using metallic tape, light globes, batteries and pins for a switch. As usual, the task started off great! However, problems arose. After carefully following each of the instructions, many of the circuits failed to function properly. This was the biggest challenge of the night. Parents and children needed to look at each of the circuits to find out what part went wrong. They tried moving things around, changing batteries, even doubling the amounts of metallic tape. However, time ended up beating them before they were able to complete the task. No problem! It will be great to see what they can come up with next time 😊

Activity 2 was a huge success! This time, roles were reversed. Parents had been sent a picture hinting what they were about to do. It was their job to explain the activity to their children.

One of our finished gingerbread houses

Each group was asked to build a gingerbread house. No instructions were provided for this activity, and families had to rely solely on their imagination. It was so messy! There were biscuits and cream everywhere, but it was loads of fun. Each family found different ways to construct their houses. It seemed the biggest challenge was to stop everyone from eating all the materials before the houses was even built. In then end, the houses looked great, and tasted even better!


To finish off, the families and teachers celebrated with snacks and drinks. It was really great to meet everyone and give the kids an opportunity to eat, play, and jump around with their new friends.

We are eagerly looking forward to our new courses starting in January, 2019. For anyone interested in attending our upcoming courses, you can register on our website,, Facebook page, or call us on 346 073 3049.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!