An Unforgettable Experience

Watching and helping as the children began constructing their Karbot.

These last six months at English 4 Life have been a fantastic experience. I have seen the children grow both socially and academically in many ways. They have managed to improve their English-speaking skills amongst friends whilst participating in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) challenges. The students have broadened their vocabulary and knowledge on different topics such as fashion design, chemistry and robotics. Students have also learnt how to become independent critical thinkers by using their own ideas to design, construct and create different projects. One of my most memorable projects was when the students built an electronic robot. They used their communication skills to work successfully in teams and constructed a robot.

Exploring science concepts together.

Each week has been amazing to see what the students will come up with and always seeing them leave with a smile on their face. As a newly graduated teacher, I have learnt so much from working at English 4 Life with my mentor, Matt. He has continuously supported me throughout my career, and I am looking to forward to future programs. See you all in September!   

Kind regards

Ms Christina