A Bright Christmas


Why don’t things always go as planned? Well, it’s impossible to think that everything will work out the way you expect, all the time. That was exactly what happened during our lesson this week. Today, the children investigated a new style of circuit. Instead of using electrical wires, the children used metallic tape. It was a wonderful idea. The children wanted to use their electrical ideas to create a Christmas card for their family. Well, that was the expectation!



Today, the students began creating their electrical Christmas cards to brighten up their family’s holidays! Using metallic tape, they created a circuit that consisted of a disc battery and light globe. It was their intention to construct the circuit, so that when closed, the light would illuminate. On the front of the card was a blank picture of a holiday reindeer that was in desperate need of decoration. Individually, the students were able to choose how they wanted to decorate their picture. Some decided to colour using markers or pencils, some chose to attach pieces of coloured paper, and some chose to do both.


While creating the circuits, the teacher asked each child what they were doing, and did they find any problems. Well, it was obvious that many students were having difficulty creating a circuit that would allow the globe to ‘light up’ when the card was closed. Together, the children tried to come up with a number of solutions (changing the battery or globe, turning the light around, adding more tape, etc…), however nothing seemed to work. After a number of different attempts, many of the students were still having difficulty completing their cards, and unfortunately the time had run out.

This was such an eventful lesson! Not only did all of the children have bundles of fun trying to create their cards, but they also had countless opportunities to investigate, discuss, and work on their problem solving. As a teacher, it’s great to see how students are able to assess the problems, and come up with a million different ways to modify and improve a design. Obviously, the children will be able to finish their Christmas cards next week, just in time for the holidays 😊



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Today the children had only enough time to play one game with miss Kate. They were offered the opportunity to teach a game that they had learned previously to some of the new children that had started this week. It was a great experience, and amazing to watch the children explain all the actions and expectations of the game. Not too mention, loads of FUN!


Next week will be our final lesson of the year. If you are interested in participating in one of our future programs (starting January), please be sure to contact Matt on 346 073 3049, or email at info@english4life.it